Hi, I’m Melissa.

I write poetry and essays. My favorite subjects are faith, learning, mothering, writing, sustainability, and creativity.

My poems have been published in some of my favorite journals like basalt, Catamaran Literary Reader, The Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, Ruminate, and Water~Stone Review. My essays have recently appeared or are coming out soon on Hip Mama, Mothers Always Write, and Coffee + Crumbs.

I became part of an incredible community of makers when I completed an MFA in poetry through Seattle Pacific University’s low-residency program.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our toddler daughter.

Let’s work together. I love working with people on a wide range of writing projects. Hire me for editing, proofreading, guest blogging, ghost-writing, and general freelance writing.

I speak fluent French, but I’ve never learned to drive stick shift. (I’ve tried.) I grew up near the ocean, and now I live in one of the rainiest climates in the country. I’m happiest outside with my family, and I make a mean omelet.

I write here about all of it, sporadically and just for fun. Thank you for visiting.