the haul

they always pull me in, the books.

from library shelves and bookstore aisles, my own library. try to be obedient, follow the deer trail from poet to poet, lines of lineage and influence. try to keep up with my haphazard interest sparking off the random flint of association, whim, delight. try to finish what I start before I start something else.

a lovely losing battle.

post-mfa I am leaping down new sideroads, toward poets writing in latin, swedish, greek, portuguese, german, russian, afrikaans. the impossibility of translation, its gifts.

the books of right now, on my desk and nightstand, in my backpack, by the bathtub. from recent afternoons at william james bookseller in pt townsend and open books in seattle, and the portland library.

2012-04-04 18.11.57

late wife, claudia emerson

eros, eros, eros, odysseas elytis

the axion esti, odysseas elytis

prison, tomas tranströmer (tavern books)

the great enigma, tomas tranströmer

the arrival, daniel simko

resin, geri doran  (thanks jo)

sappho’s gymnasium, olga broumas & t begley

the alphabet in the park, adelia prado

love: ten poems, pablo neruda

black butterflies, ingrid jonker (this is an interlibrary loan. I’d love to find a used copy somewhere. let me know if you find one!)

20 german poets: a bilingual edition, edited kaufmann

fair land of byelorussia: an anthology of modern byelorussian poetry (1976), translated by walter may

the poems of catullus: a bilingual edition, edited by peter green

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