Thank you for your support!

I’d like to thank the people who sponsored my attendance at the Tupelo Press Perfect 10 workshop, which invites poets to bring twenty poems to the mountains for three days of intensive workshops in the company of other poets. With their support, I completed Split the World in Two, a collection of ten poems written or revised over the course of the weekend (October 31-Nov 2 in Truchas, New Mexico.) I also received invaluable one-on-one feedback on a chapbook-length manuscript. Many thanks to the following people, who sponsored me via Indiegogo in October 2014. You guys are awesome.

Cheryl Wallick
Amy Ridout
Bill Peters
Chris Warner
Mike Datz
Aaron Guest
Stephanie Langlais
Isabelle Ratane
Holly Ringland
Barbara Marsh
Robyn Steely
Sandy Parks
Evan Schneider
Julia Vanderham
Rachel Hammer
Celine Foucher
Megan Falcone
Patrick Poulin
Heather River
Nancy Poulin
Debra Conkey
Cathleen Greiner
Dave & Claudia Bennett
Tom Reeser
Cynthia Eggers
Bryce Poulin
Sharna Langlais
Bob & Kathy Crawford
Jim Renfro
Brett Poulin
Christa Easton
Autumn Reeser
Lonnie Handel


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