Try Jeanne Murray Walker’s Tulips Exercise

When I was in graduate school, I had the pleasure of working with poet Jeanne Murray Walker. She gave us an assignment for working with metaphor that I found profoundly helpful. It involves reading and observing metaphor in Sylvia Plath's poem "Tulips," which you can read here.   Here are Jeanne's instructions: "Okay, here we go.  … Continue reading Try Jeanne Murray Walker’s Tulips Exercise

Try Writing a Semi-Glosa

Try writing a semi-glosa like Barbara Crooker's poem, "A Woman is her Mother." Crooker is the author, most recently, of Gold. Find out more about her work here. The semi-glosa is a “nonce" (or invented) form. You'll need 4 short lines from favorite poems, stories, or songs. I asked Barbara Crooker how she wrote the poem and this is what … Continue reading Try Writing a Semi-Glosa