Carey Taylor’s The Lure of Impermanence

I always admire poets who paint a vivid, compelling picture of a setting or situation that seems, on its surface, to be "about" one thing-- but through the smallest inflections and details, suggests something deeper.  Carey Taylor is one of these poets, and her new collection The Lure of Impermanence is full of poems like … Continue reading Carey Taylor’s The Lure of Impermanence

Marjorie Stelmach’s “After” in Image Journal

Here's my latest short introduction for Image Journal's Poetry Friday column. Marjorie Stelmach's poem "After" is a tender and nuanced meditation on grief. I love this weekly showcase of beautiful poems from the Image archives, and I especially love the challenge of writing the briefest of reflections on a poem. It's getting me back into the … Continue reading Marjorie Stelmach’s “After” in Image Journal

walking the wire for literacy

Click the image above to learn more about Wireman Comics, an incredible series of comics designed especially for struggling readers. This series is engaging and effective: the first four issues load readers with 50% of the most commonly-used words in English, all through amazing graphics and a compelling storyline. Plus, there's no "beginning reader" label … Continue reading walking the wire for literacy